New Albany Dog Park

An off-leash paradise for our four-legged members of the family

Operated by the City of New Albany Parks Department

After many years of planning, the New Albany Dog Park opened in October 2016. Located along Highway 111 at 1935 Budd Road in New Albany, this off-leash dog park features multiple acres of open land for your pooch to run and play.  The park also features swings, gazebos, benches, water spigots, wooded areas, a separate agility course, and much more. The park has two large play areas, with dogs separated by weight, so that smaller dogs can have a less intimidating space to run and play in with their friends.

We know that urban living can be stressful for our canine friends at times, and that's why we are excited to have this wonderful, open green space to give your pooch some freedom to stretch those little legs. Did you know that many behavioral problems experienced by dogs are due to a lack of socialization, physical activity, and exercise? By bringing your furry friend down to the New Albany Dog Park, he or she can freely run off-leash, fetch toys, bark with new buddies, or go for a swim in the pond. Even man's best friend needs a little "me" time every once in awhile.

To view a full map of the New Albany Dog Park, please click HERE.






I like that the park has a place where I can play and run with dogs my own size.




Golden Retriever

“My mom works hard every day to keep a roof over my head, so I'm cooped up at home during the day. I love it when she takes me to the park after work so i can get my pent up energy out.”





“Dad knows I love swimming, so he takes me to the park regularly so i can get my laps in and show off my cool shades.